Your Strategy
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Place your unchanged strategy code between the prolog and epilog.

If OMX_IterationNum = 0 Or OMX_DateOk Then begin  
{_____YOUR STRATEGY_____}  
if AverageFC( c, Len1 ) crosses over AverageFC( c, Len2 ) then  
   buy next bar at market ;  
if AverageFC( c, Len1 ) crosses under AverageFC( c, Len2 ) then  
   sell all shares next bar at market ;  
{______OMX EPILOG_______}  
   end ;  

You can change this code as you normally do when working with your strategy. If you want to add another input, you will need to change the prolog and the converted inputs.

Notice that your strategy is contained within a higher-level IF statement that begins in the prolog and end in the epilog.