Good reasons to use Optimax
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clip0006   Save time  
Optimax helps you perform comprehensive optimizations quicker. Optimizing 10, 20 or even 250 inputs is a matter of hours, not years.  
clip0007   Save money  
The optimization of a strategy is one of the keys to success and cannot be over-valued. A professional high-performance tool dedicated to this purpose can drastically improve your results and decrease the chances of costly mistakes.  
clip0008   Concentrate on the important thing - your strategy  
Quickly understand your strategy performance in new ways, not just with the ways TradeStation provides. Optimax is designed for speed and easy of use; its' intuitive user interface is transparent, straight-forward and shields you from the nuts and bolts of optimization analysis and it's ground breaking genetic algorithms save you time for more strategy-writing, not optimization-waiting.  
clip0009   All strategies supported  
Take all of your strategies and optimize them with Optimax. It's easy with the pre-tested EasyLanguage functions we provide. Leave nothing to chance - you can optimize them all with Optimax.  
clip0010   Search options galore  
Whether you need died-in-the-wool exhaustive searches, or want to explore the leading edges of genetic optimization technology, Optimax is the right tool for you. It performs standard exhaustive searches displaying the results in several time-saving formats, and it performs genetic optimizations with the same simple ease-of-use interface and battery of intuitive indicators that professionals want and need.  
clip0009   Dare to compare  
There aren't any other programs out there that do what Optimax does. Compare Optimax with Rina Systems software or the other add-ins available for TradeStation - what you conclude is up to you. Other tools make a lot of noise about delivering, but Optimax delivers and packs a punch. Forget the fuss about what more to buy with your hard-earned income, Optimax is the one essential add-in every TradeStation user needs.  
clip0011   Optimizing strategies can be done with the computer you have  
You used to believe this, before you added 10 or more inputs to your strategy and seriously started wondering how you could fit a Cray into your den or office. Well, give it a try now with Optimax. You'll see a world of difference, and you won't get cussed out by the missus for floor plan violations.