The Search Space Indicator
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The Search Space indicator, also known as the SSpace Indicator is a rectangular area near the center of the main window, as show below.

The SSpace indicator lies near the center of the Optimax main window.

This indicator is designed to display how much of the search space has been tested during an optimization, and how well distributed the tests have been over the fitness landscape. The base rectangle represents the entire possible search space (all possible input combinations.) Optimax draws a vertical line for each individual test it performs. Each line is drawn at an offset from the left of the rectangle, the value of which is calculated from the input combination values. Each possible input combination can be represented by a unique vertical line in the entire space. If the screen resolution were high enough to allow all permutations to be displayed and the entire space were solid purple, that would indicate that all possible combinations had been tested. If it were entirely white, that would indicate that no combinations have been tested. A display such as that shown above indicates that the search space has been covered fairly evenly, with some concentration in several areas. This is a normal display for a completed genetic optimization. An exhaustive optimization would cause the indicator to act like a traditional progress bar, because all possible input combinations would be tested in sequence until they are exhausted, as shown below.

The SSpace indicator as it would appear in a partially complete exhaustive optimization.

Internally, the width of the indicator is wide enough to contain a single vertical line for every permutation. If the number of permutations is greater than the visible width of the indicator in pixels, then the indicator is scaled to fit and some degree of approximation occurs when rendered on the screen. In this situation, it would be possible for the indicator to be entirely white, and yet some tests could have occurred. At the other end of the scale, it would be possible for the indicator to be entirely filled in purple without all possible permutations having been covered. This is due to the approximation necessary to display the indicator in an external resolution less than the internal resolution.

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