The Optimax API
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Optimax provides a published interface enabling developers to extend and enhance it's interface capabilities and the functionality of it's optimization. Using these calls, one could possibly use Optimax to perform genetic optimizations for previous versions of TradeStation, or other products such as Wealth-Lab, MetaStock, and even non-stock related applications. Optimax also provides exits from the user interface so that you can add your own functionality.

Optimax Architecture
Optimax controls and communicates with TradeStation via Optimax.dll located in the Windows\System32 directory, as shown below.

Optimax controls TradeStation via Optimax.DLL.

Because TradeStation does not publish a remote-control interface, the strategy optimization is initiated from TradeStation by iterating over a simple iteration counter. The Optimax DLL receives the iteration numbers and various other pieces of information and then determines what needs to be done with each call.