The Equity Grid
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The equity grid contains a graph for every individual (combination of inputs) in the optimization. Each graph displays the equity curve for a particular individual, as shown below.

The equity grid displays equity curves for all individuals in an optimization.

Clicking on an equity graph displays the detailed information for that graph at the bottom of the window. Graphs without an equity curve (such as G1-2 and G1-4 above,) indicate a combination of inputs that did not generate any trades.

You can drag the split bar at the bottom of the equity grid up or down to display more or fewer rows.

Controlling Thumbnails
Clicking the thumbnail size buttons shown below switches the size of the graphs in the equity grid, known as thumbnails, to small, medium or large.
By selecting small, medium or large thumbnails you change the size of the graphs in the equity grid.

The first time you display a thumbnail, Optimax creates a GIF image in a cache folder on your PC. After that, when it needs to display the graph again, it looks for the cached GIF and, if there, displays it directly. This improves the speed of scrolling in the equity grid.

You can set the characteristics of each thumbnail size separately using the thumbnail settings menus shown below.
Selecting thumbnail options for the next optimization run.

Choose the menu item For This Historical Run to change the characteristics of the run you are currently viewing. Choose the menu item For The Next Run to cause the thumbnail settings to affect your next optimization and not any of the existing runs.

For information on managing your thumbnail cache, click here.