Setting Optimization Parameters
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The quality of the results you obtain from an optimization depend a great deal on the settings you use. The settings must be appropriate for your fitness landscape, the number of optimization parameters you use, the number of permutations, and the number of generations you will let it run.

To set the optimization parameters, click the Optimization Settings button.

Clicking the Optimization Settings button will display the Optimization Settings window.  

When running a strategy, Optimax uses the parameters you specify on the Optimization Parameters screen to determine how to generate individuals.

While the optimization is running you can view the parameters, but you cannot change them.

Current and Historical Settings
After you have run several optimizations, you will see a list of them on the left of the Main Window in the Run History pane. By clicking a historical row in the Run History pane, you can display the results from previous optimization runs.

The Run History pane is on the left in the main window.  

When you do this, Optimax copies those optimization settings to the current settings. If you then click the Optimization Settings button, you can modify the current settings. This does not modify the settings for that historical run. Instead, it modifies the settings that Optimax will use for the next run you perform. Each time you click a historical run, the current settings will be overwritten with a copy of the historical settings.