Preparing The Strategy
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In this step you will create take the code from OMX_Sample1_A, convert it, and create a new strategy OMX_Sample1_B with the converted code.

1.In TradeStation, open the EasyLanguage document OMX_Sample1_A. Highlight all code and copy it to the clipboard.  
2.In Optimax, click the Optimization Settings button, then click Convert EL. Paste the code into the left pane and click Convert.  
3.Highlight all of the code in the right pane, and copy it to the clipboard. Switch back to TradeStation, create a new strategy named OMX_Sample1_B, paste the code and verify the strategy.  

OMX_Sample1_B is now ready to be optimized with Optimax.

OMX_Sample1_C contains pre-converted code for your convenience. You can view the application of this strategy in the sample workspace OMX_Sample1.tsw.