Required Conventions
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For the code converter to work successfully, your strategy must adhere to the following formatting conventions. Before using the code converter, modify your strategy first according to these formatting rules:

·Inputs must be the first executable statement in the strategy. Comments may precede the inputs statement.  
·The word Inputs must be the only statement on that line.  
·Place each input variable on a separate line.  
·Comments on inputs must not span multiple lines.  
·Comments on input variable lines must not contain a semicolon (;)  


Inputs:         { input is the 1st stmt and is on a line by itself   }  
   var1( 15 ),      { each variable is on a separate line         }  
   var2( 20 ) ;  


Inputs: var1( 15 ), var2( 20 ) ;   { variables should be on separate lines }  


Inputs:   var1( 15 ),      { this variable should be on the 2nd line }  
      var2( 20 ) ;  


Inputs:   var1( 15 ),      { this comment  
                  spans multiple lines }  
      var2( 20 ) ;   { this one contains a semicolon ; }  

String variables can't be optimized - this includes High/Low/Open/Close and True/False. Change True/False variables to use 1/0 values instead.

Your EL must be syntactically correct before it can be successfully converted. Incorrect EL syntax will give undefined results, and may result in an infinite Optimax loop or program termination.