Preparing A Strategy
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To prepare a strategy you must insert some standard Optimax code into your strategy. If you use multiple strategies at once, for example if you use yours plus the Stops & Targets strategy, then you must combine them into a single strategy. You will also need to add an additional datastream, identical to Data1.

Once your strategy meets these requirements, you can now add the Optimax calls. Adding the calls can be done via either of two methods (you do not need to do both):

·manually, or  
·automatically using our code converter utility  

Both of these methods are described in the following sections.

Although the code converter can perform most of the work for you, we recommend you read both sections so that you understand the changes that the code converter will make to your strategy and so that you can verify that the changes have been done correctly. You may also need to modify the code when you make future changes to your strategy.  
You need to perform only one of the two methods for code conversion: manual or automatic. Read both sections and then choose the method that you feel most comfortable with for each strategy you perpare.