Introducing Optimax
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Welcome to the Optimax User Guide and thank you taking the time to learn about our ground-breaking optimization product!

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What is Optimax?
Optimax is a stand-alone program that runs on your PC and works with TradeStation 7 during a strategy optimization to super-charge its' back-testing and optimization capabilities.

Optimax works with TradeStation to control it and display results as the optimization runs.

Optimax assembles a set of easy-to-read views of your strategy's behavior that quickly show you how it responds as the inputs and price series change. The biggest Optimax advantage comes from using our powerful genetic algorithms that slash your optimization times by factors of thousands, and our extremely popular built-in price modulator that modifies the price series dynamically during optimization to drastically reduce the probability of curve-fitting the results.

Optimax was developed by and is only available from Modus Novus, Inc.