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When running an optimization I get the following event error in TradeStation: Floating point invalid numbers in calculation. What's wrong?

Check your optimization settings in Optimax and ensure that their names match those used on the GetParm function calls in the OMX prolog.

What bar lengths does Optimax support?

Optimax supports all bar lengths from monthly down to 1-tick bars. Note that for tick, volume or point-and figure charts you may need to create your own fitness functions.

What does it mean when I see a No Pic message in the equity grid?

If you see the No Pic message, it means one of two things:
·the computer was too busy when Optimax tried to draw the picture and it wasn't able to complete the drawing. In this case, scrolling the cell out of view and back into view should cause the cell to draw correctly. This happens more frequently when your graphics subsystem is slowed down, for example when you are using remote viewing software at the same time as running Optimax.  
·the OMX_BarInfo function wasn't called from within your strategy during the optimization for that individual. If this is the case, is possible that the that means that the OMX_BarInfo function was never called from your strategy during the optimization for that individual. This function is called from the epilog. The following are some possible reasons for this problem:  
1.you specified more bars back in the strategy properties than are contained within the chart  
2.the EasyLanguage code is structured incorrectly such that the function is never called  
3.the OMX_Init variable is not = 1 while the OMX_IterationNum is > 0  

Can I include more calculations in the performance detail report?

Yes! You can send as many values as you like from your strategy to the performance detail report in Optimax. You do this in the epilog code within your strategy. Click here for more information.

Can I change the resolution of the equity curves in Optimax?

Yes, you can control the resolution of the equity graph using the EquityResolution parameter. Click here for additional information.

The equity curve in TradeStation doesn't match the one in Optimax. How can I fix this?

If the curves do not match:
·ensure that your chart uses the same begin and end dates as it did during the optimization  
·ensure that the data in the chart hasn't changed. Often, TradeStation updates the information to correct bad ticks. If this has happened, your charts won't match.  
·ensure that the optimization was not performed while online during market hours. If it was, the data can change during the optimization, causing the charts not to match.